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With the strong R&D strength, Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group has R&D team composed of many top engineering technicians as well as the most popular design software in the world today. KDHI has 116 middle and senior technicians, including 7 professors of engineering and 26 senior engineers. Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group can provide global clients design, production and inspection services with GB, ISO, EN, CEMA, DIN, AS and JIS standards throughout the entire life cycle.
Maximum length of single conveyor:L=7100m(GuizhouNayong power plant pipe conveyor project, the longest conveying distance in Asia)
Maximum capacity: Q=23500t/h (VALE project)
Maximum belt speed:V=5.6m/s(TMPM project)
Maximum belt width:B=2400mm (Ecuador project)
Maximum angel:α=-16°(NingmeiZaoquan main inclined shaft)
Maximum minus power:P=3*1250KW(Waste stone belt conveyor)


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